excerpted from “You Wish You’d All Been Ready
by Matthew Meduri
{from e-Issue #12}


You’ve been invited to see a dramatic production of Ernest Angley’s Raptured. A couple from your father’s church invited you, close friends of your parents. They didn’t ask expecting you to pay whatever price Angley has set. No, these tickets are free, which means you are likely obligated to go unless you are deathly ill or you have a damn good excuse. You, your mother, and your little brother accept, although, unfortunately, your father has another obligation.

You’re excited to go—really, you are. Usually, when church goers arrange a get-together outside of the usual Sunday gathering, it’s for one of three things: Bible study, a hymn sing, or a potluck. You have nothing against potlucks. In fact, they are one of your favorite aspects of church. However, this is not that. This live play is about one of the strangest, most misconceived books in the Bible: Revelation. The Revelation of John, supposedly John the disciple exiled to the island of Patmos, the man who bore witness to visions from Jesus Christ. Good ol’ John the Revelator. It’s not the nativity or the death and resurrection. You’ve witnessed people acting out those scenes ad nauseam. No, we’re talking about the end times, the death and destruction of mankind. Armageddon. The End of Days. God versus the Devil. And bits of you are equally nervous and eager to see it, a curious ambivalence. You have roughly the same feeling when you see a horror movie “based on true events.”

Matthew Meduri teaches writing at Kent State University. A graduate of the NEOMFA, his work has appeared in Milk Sugar and Rubbertop Review. Matthew lives in Kent, Ohio where he teaches his daughter music theory through the likes of Taylor Swift and the Frozen soundtrack. He is currently working on a novel.