Cactus Heart is one wicked lit mag. With a spiny cactus bursting out of a skeleton ribcage as their logo, don’t go searching these pages for the soft and sentimental. …be ready to steel yourself against hard truths, take a moment’s pause to settle quietly brutal characters into your imagination, and shift world views subtly through the surreal and abruptly through the confessional. …Cactus Heart is a publication of impact. There’s not a piece in here that didn’t leave me reeling, contemplating, dredging the depth of some adverse emotion that needs to be felt to understand the plight of others.” —NewPages, on Issue #12.5

“If you aren’t afraid to pick up a literary journal that pushes you to reflect on hard questions, then sit back and ponder fertile subjects with this collection. Every piece gives the reader something to think about.” —The Review Review, on Issue #12.5

“A delight to read. …Go ahead and take a bite of Cactus Heart. You may find yourself wanting more.” —NewPages, on Issue #3.5

“Cozy up and read; find the ‘bright and wild’ scattered throughout the issue.” —NewPages Screen Reading, on e-Issue #3

“J. Adam Collins’s ‘You Told Me the Story of Your Bones’ displays a marvelous use of internal rhyme, and Matthew Wimberley’s ‘Indian Summer, Reading Lorca’ is haunting…” —Small Press Review, on Issue #3

Interviews with the Editor

Episode #29
 | In Her Room, with Sara Blackthorne

Voices of the Valley,

“We Want Writing That is Alive, That Thrives, That Beats on the Page” | The Review Review

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