When I started Cactus Heart Press back in 2012, I was a very different person: newly 30s, pre-MFA, searching for a way to harness the exuberant energy I felt for words.

Over the last four years, Cactus Heart has grown—from just me reading hundreds of emailed submissions to a fully (volunteer-) staffed literary magazine—we’ve published hundreds of immensely talented writers: some complete newbies, others with several books under their belts.

Heading up a literary magazine like Cactus Heart is no small feat. It takes serious dedication and commitment. Cactus Heart was my anchor through my MFA years, through finals and writing a thesis, through the dissolution of my longest adult relationship, through working overtime in the breakneck retail holiday season, and through three moves. I’m unendingly proud of the 16 e-Issues and 6 print issues we’ve published.

It is with great sadness, but not a small dose of relief, that I announce I am putting Cactus Heart on hiatus for the remainder of 2016. After four full and amazing years, I’m ready for a break. My literary brainchild needs some breathing space. I’ve often dreamt of reorganizing Cactus Heart—of publishing literature on a more sustainable scale (financially and personally), of paying our authors, of feeling less run-down by the extraordinary amount of work an organization like Cactus Heart takes—but given the rest of my life, there hasn’t been room for the sort of transformation I seek. I don’t know what, if anything, is next for Cactus Heart, but I do look forward to finding out.

Before I say Goodbye for now, I want to extend my heartfelt and unending gratitude to Thea Henney and Marin Sardy for co-piloting this crazy ship with me. Without their enthusiasm, generosity, and intelligence, I would have been sunk a long time ago. Thank you too, to Sasha Starr and Killian Czuba for their stints as our Art Editor, and to Anna Gragert, Agastya Ma’ii, and Elise Poll for lending us their reading time over the last year.

We are ridiculously blessed to have been part of the literary community for the last four years. Thank you to everyone who helped make Cactus Heart the success it has been.