Cactus Heart 3 cover

Cactus Heart e-Issue #3

124 big full-color pages!
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Independence Rainbow by Jane Liddle * Emotions of Alwilda by N. T. Brown * The Peak of the Night by Joe Baumann * The Hermit Finds Solace by Grant Tracey * There Is No Firmament by Jacob Michael King * Ox by Patrick Vincent Welsh


An Ordinary Evening by Gregory Luce * Cactus Flower by Arah McManamna * Desert Ecology Lesson One & Two by Diana Woodcock * Lake Song by Ned Randle * Indian Summer, Reading Lorca by Matthew Wimberley * You Told Me the Story of Your Bones by J. Adam Collins * Queering by Cindy Carlson * alright  . by Shannon Shuster * Sequence of Four, Henderson NV by Michael Kroesche *  Intro. by M.E. Gallucci


Communion by Cinthia Ritchie * Twilight for the Tinderbox by Amaris Ketcham


With photos, book reviews, and a translation of Milena Oda’s “From the Diary of a Cactus Hunter”