Cactus Heart is, of course, a metaphor for how we believe literature and art should be. It should shock and wound and delight us; it should fill us with curiosity and terror. It should survive.

We are devoted to spiny writing & art—sharp, relentless, coursing with energy and able to thrive in the harshest of places, all while maintaining a vulnerable, succulent interior.


Praise for Cactus Heart

“A delight to read. …Go ahead and take a bite of Cactus Heart. You may find yourself wanting more.” —NewPages, on Issue #3.5

“Cozy up and read; find the ‘bright and wild’ scattered throughout the issue.” —NewPages Screen Reading, on e-Issue #3

“J. Adam Collins’s ‘You Told Me the Story of Your Bones’ displays a marvelous use of internal rhyme, and Matthew Wimberley’s ‘Indian Summer, Reading Lorca’ is haunting…” —Small Press Review, on Issue #3

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CH 13 cover


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